Saturday, October 14, 2017

Hot Coffee

September 25, 2017 ~ 30th Anniversary Drabble

Her mouth tastes of caramel and coffee, wicked and warm. She tugs my vest, pulling me closer. The Winterfest candles below us in the Great Hall have burned low; they cast faint shadows on us in this niche at the back of the balcony. She’s on my lap now, and I slide my hands underneath her dress, finding the edge of lace at her thighs. 

There’s a noise downstairs: a mumbled conversation and the tinkling of glasses and cutlery. Mouse and Jamie busing the tables. Resigned, I shrug and open my mouth to bemoan this turn of bad luck, but she presses a manicured finger to my lips. 

She reaches around behind her and with one quick, graceful movement, the low-backed dress that’s been driving me mad all evening is suddenly unzipped. The pale yellow silk slides past her shoulders, revealing the faintest of tan lines and the dusky pink of her breasts. Her fingernails rake through my hair as she pulls my face down. I run my tongue along the tempting swell of them, my own fingers busy beneath her skirt and wet lace. 

She stops me and kneels between my legs. In a moment, I’m freed from my pants and engulfed by the heat of her mouth. I should stop her, I know, and I do manage to whisper, “Catherine.”  She never pauses. I can feel her smile around my flesh.  

Afterwards, I zip her dress and she fixes my vest. Our next kiss tastes of coffee and caramel and me.

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