Friday, February 14, 2020

Winterfest Pottery

Fresh from the kiln to warm Winterfest

I really do prefer wheel-throwing, but hand-building can be fun, too. These were made last semester. I think my pottery prof is accepting the inevitability that everything I want to make is related to "that show" one way or another... If she hasn't yet, I'll wear her down eventually!

We all know Vincent is a dish, so I thought he ought to be on one!😃

I'm trying a variety of techniques lately

Works in Progress - 
Not quite ready to for Winterfest, but why not share them anyway?


  1. I have one like the bowl but as narrow as the cup. Love it! Thanks, Laura, you do good work!

    Linda S.

  2. Love the colours, Laura, sort of reminds me of a certain ginger puss who shall never be forgotten. They are beautifully made. Love'n'hugs,


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