Saturday, February 15, 2020

WFOL 2020

Welcome to Winterfest 2020!

Catherine looking pensive on her balcony

Vincent looking slightly off to his left, a wisp of his hair fluttering across his chin
Vincent close up, his mouth open to reveal his fangs, his gaze fixed on something to his far right, black background

Catherine laying her head on Vincent's bare chest, his nipple in the foreground. LOL His eyes are closed, while hers are open, and she looks satisfied to have worn him out.
Vincent laying with his hands behind his head in a bubblebath. Bubbles tragically obscuring his many assets
"A Little Me Time"


  1. Thank you! Looks like the bathing chamber opened early this year!

  2. Wonderful drawings! You're use of light and shade is really beautiful. Thank you for posting these! Happy Winterfest!!

    1. Thank you so much, Karen! Coming from someone as crazy-talented as you are, that means the world! Hugs!!!


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