Sunday, January 6, 2019

Love Like a Waterfall

Vincent and Catherine, naked, in front of a waterfall Below, her back toward the viewer with just a hint of the top of her bottom, his well-muscled arm around her back, his eyes closed

“The waterfall is really pounding today.”

“So is my heart. Give me your hand. Feel it.”

“Is that your heart? Or is it mine?”

“Yes.  What beats in my chest is your heart.”

“It always has been.”

“And it always will be.”

“It’s like the waterfall, isn’t it? The water took so very long to get here, overcoming so many barriers on the way…”

“Strong enough to erode rock, soft enough to flow like a bridal veil into the pool.”

“Equal parts serenity and power.”

“Thundering and laughing.”

“Crystal clear and pure.”

“At times dark and mysterious.”

“It all began Above, falling as that gentle rain…”

“Seeping deep through the earth until reaching us here.”

“Flowing on forever.”

“Forever. Like our love. Like our Bond.”

“The stories say heaven’s supposed to be somewhere up above the Earth, but it’s not. It’s here Below.”

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